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What is the Pekka?

Pekka is a Finnish male given name. It was most popular around the middle of the 20th century. As of 2013 there were more than 100,000 people registered with this name in Finland. The nameday is the 29th of June in the Finnish tradition and the 25th of June on the orthodox calendar. It originated as a variation of the name Peter.Notable people with this name include: Pekka Haavisto (born 1958), Finnish politician and minister Pekka Harttila (born 1941), Finnish diplomat and a lawyer Pekka Heino (television presenter) (born 1961), Sweden television host and presenter Pekka Heino (singer) (born 1976), Finnish metal singer Pekka Himanen (born 1973), Finnish philosopher Pekka Huhtaniemi (born 1949), Finnish diplomat Pekka Koskela (born 1982), Finnish speed skater Pekka Kuusisto (born 1976), Finnish violinist Pekka Lagerblom (born 1982), Finnish footballer Pekka Lehto (born 1948), Finnish film director Pekka Leskinen (born 1954), Finnish figure skater Pekka Niemi (skier) (1909–1993), Finnish cross-country skier Pekka Niemi (weightlifter) (born 1952), Finnish weightlifter Pekka Pohjola (1952–2008), Finnish multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Pekka Pyykkö (born 1941), Finnish chemist Pekka Rinne (born 1982), Finnish ice hockey goaltender Pekka Rautakallio (born 1953), Finnish ice hockey defenceman and coach Pekka Saarinen (born 1983), Finnish racing driver Pekka Sammallahti (born 1947), Finnish professor of Sámi languages..

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