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Selection may refer to: In science: Selection (biology), also called natural selection, selection in evolution Sex selection, in genetics Mate selection, in mating Sexual selection in humans, in human sexuality Human mating strategies, in human sexuality Social selection, within social groups Selection (linguistics), the ability of predicates to determine the semantic content of their arguments Selection in schools, the admission of students on the basis of selective criteria Selection effect, a distortion of data arising from the way that the data are collectedIn religion Divine selection, selection by God Papal selection, selection by clergyIn computing: Selection (user interface) X Window selection Selection (genetic algorithm) Selection (relational algebra) Selection-based search, a search engine system in which the user invokes a search query using only the mouse Selection algorithm, an algorithm that finds the kth smallest number in a listOther uses: Selection (or "Preselection") of candidates in British elections Selection (Australian history), an area of crown land acquired under legislation Selected (album), the compilation album by Recoil Selection (album), by 54•40 Selektion, selection of prisoners for execution at a Nazi concentration camp The Selection, a novel by Kiera Cass A store brand used by Metro Inc...

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