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What is the Smallfoot?

Smallfoot is the name of both a Rapid application development toolkit and an embedded operating system designed and released by Caldera Systems/Caldera International/The SCO Group in both UnixWare and Linux formats. Created for use in embedded environments such as point of sale systems and gaming, the toolkits are used to create specifically tailored operating systems geared towards the desired use. These customized and stripped down versions of the operating systems make less of a footprint, hence the names Smallfoot embedded UNIX and Smallfoot embedded Linux respectively.Smallfoot is also notable in that it was a key Linux product of The SCO Group, developed for both the UNIX and Linux platforms and distributed by SCO and Caldera Systems/Caldera International after its purchase of SCO. In the SCO v. IBM lawsuit, SCO denied distribution of Linux kernel code, however SCO Smallfoot is based on both 2.4.10 and 2.6.1 Linux kernel versions...

i just watched smallfoot and that was such a cute movie 😭

𝕒𝕕𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕜 ♡ #TwoOfUs (ltbringshshome)

Smallfoot (2018) - Read 169 Movie Reviews Link: #Smallfoot

Cinafilm (cinafilm)

@NiallOfficial: Delighted to announce my song ‘Finally Free’ for @Smallfootmovie . It will be released 6th July #Smallfoot …

.no.leave. (Egle_Lithuania)

kadang orang emang gabisa langsung percaya sama lisan, masio kita udah ngomong yang sebenernya. and that's why kada…

🌻 (deefpea)

These two little girls always catch me in their movie time. — watching SMALLFOOT Movie


the Stonekeeper song in Smallfoot is the best.

Jamps @ ECCC I-11 (Jampolinski)

@miakimiko Smallfoot

Daltemallzs (_ddot_)

They say, nothing beats a song from a great musical animated movie Don't believe that ? listen to these masterpie…

ABOOD ALmoqayad (ABEDtwitt)

smallfoot is good bc the ses group has 5 braincells and meechee has all of them

Bellamy ✨💫💞 (lochnessbian)

Os traemos los últimos lanzamientos de cine infantil que ya puedes disfrutar desde el sofá de tu casa: la diversión…

culturafnac (culturafnaces)

THIS WEEKEND! Parkland's Movie in the Park Features 'Smallfoot' via @sharonaronbaron

Parkland Talk (ParklandTalk)

Basteln mit Confetti #lifewithkids #mommyblogger #fun #familylife #kidsofinstagram #instakids #picoftheday #pic…

Kinderkrippe und Waldkinderkrippe Blüemli (KiTaBluemli)

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